Need that perfect Tardis blue dress for your engagement dinner dress? Or maybe for some Tardis blue bridesmaids?
Tardis dresses with full write ups and links after the jump.

Before we start looking at dresses, let's talk Tardis Blue. There are so many different shades of blue, but which shade captures the Tardis? Well, the BBC came out and said Pantone 2955C is the *official* blue of the Tardis. Here's what it looks like:

Okay, now that's been established, how do you get the dress that is that exact color? Well, I don't know if you can. Colors are a tricky thing and what might actually be a true Tardis blue dress may look more Royal Blue in the sunlight, or maybe it looks more Navy Blue under incandescent (indoor) light. 

So what am I can going to do? I'm going to try to get as close as I can and just make sure everything matches. My Tardis Blue might look a little more Navy Blue to you, but am I going to have a guest carrying a print out of this Pantone 2955C checking everything? Maybe, but most likely not. I think it's more important that everything matches and looks consistent, from color, but more importantly, to style. 
Here are some Tardis Blue dresses that are the perfect whovian touch for for an engagement dinner, rehearsal dinner, or even as the bridesmaid or maid of honor dresses.

Very elegant and a little retro. I love this short style for an engagement dinner. 

Definitely more of a Royal Blue, but I love the bow and the ruffled edge.

The halter top makes it looks even more retro, in my opinion, which is a really great look. You could even wear a little sweater, curls, and looks like a pin-up model.

I saw this dress on the fashion blog Sequins and Things but thought it was a perfect Tardis dress. Maybe you could switch out the purse and necklace with something a little more Doctor Who inspired, but I love her sunglasses and heels. Such a great summery look!

I love the little bit of shimmer on this dress. You can order this blue dress online (!!!) and it comes in plus sizes!

If buying a whole dress seems a like a little more cash than you want to spend, you could do something like like a blue accent. As a dress alternative, you could buy a LBD (little black dress!) and then just add something like this Pashmina wrap on Amazon (less than $20) and get that Tardis Blue effect. 

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